Vuity Eye Drops: Freedom from Reading Glasses?

Are you frustrated by needing reading glasses for near? If you’re over 40, needing reading glasses for menus and smart phones is a way of life. Allergan vision and Abbivie pharmaceuticals launched Vuity eye drops in December 2021. Vuity eyedrops, taken one drop in each eye, help patients see better up close for 6-8 hours. 90% of patients in the study increased their near vision by 4 lines, and 30% achieved 20/20 vision at near.

Who is a Good Candidate?

• People between 40 and 55 are the best candidates, depending on their near demand
• Patients who are 20/20 in the distance but need reading glasses for near
• Contact lens and glasses wearers who are frustrated with their near vision through their correction
• Post LASIK patients who can see distance but not near

What’s wrong with my eyes and how does Vuity fix it?

Presbyopia affects most adults over the age of 40. Onset varies, I have some patients start needing reading glasses before their 40th birthday, and some are still functional at 50. The main culprit is the crystalline lens inside the eye. As we age, that lens becomes more dense and less flexible, so even the same amount of focusing movement on our part means the lens can’t change shape as easily, and therefore can’t adjust power. It affects us first in low light then worsens over a 10 year period.
Vuity works by decreasing your pupil size, which leads to greater depth of focus and better near vision. After 6 hours, the drop loses efficacy and near vision returns to normal. Vuity doesn’t cure presbyopia, but it does replace reading glasses while it’s working.

What are the side effects? How do we know it’s safe?

We have been using Pilocarpine eye drops for over 5 decades to treat glaucoma, so we know that it is a safe drug to use. Vuity has a much lower concentration than the glaucoma drug, and Allergan has come up with a way to pH balance the drop to work more effectively in the eye.

Side Effects include:
• Brow Ache
• Short lived red eyes
• Some patients experienced stinging
• Blurred vision at night: small pupil size can make driving at night difficult

If you’re curious about Vuity and what it can do for you, come in for an eye exam and a prescription. Who knows, you could end up with less reliance on reading glasses!

Dr. Allen