Summertime and the Living is Easy!

Summertime is just around the corner.  Hopefully everyone will be able to escape our Dallas heat for a cooler climate or fresh ocean breezes.  Beach vacations and more time outside mean more exposure for your eyes to UV light from the sun.  It also means rougher use of your contact lenses (salt water, dryness on airplanes), and lugging contact lens solution through airport security.  Many patients worry about cost for dailies, but a 15 day supply to take on vacation can be as low as $35.

Conveniences provided by daily wear lenses:

  • Extra lenses in case one pair fails. No one wants to spend their vacation looking for an open eye doctor who might have a trial available.
  • No worries about salt water or contamination of lenses from one day to the next: a fresh new lens every day means you can use each pair as you like.
  • No solution to take through security at the airport
  • Many are available as bifocals or for astigmatism, so more patients can use these lenses than ever before.

If you are interested in having 1 day contacts for vacation, call the office.  If your current Contact Rx is valid, we can add on a 30 day box after using some trials to make sure comfort is great.

Sunglasses are also an important addition to any vacation

Sunglasses, whether they are prescription or off the shelf, give you:

  • More comfortable vision when you go outside, especially with polarized lenses. They block glare coming from water or cars
  • Protection against UV light from the sun
  • Screening from wind that can dry your eyes or contacts
  • A way to project your personality: Fierce Fashionista? Fishing Guru?  Tech Savvy?

You choose how others see you!

At Premier Vision of Dallas, we offer a wide variety of sunglasses: from the superior lenses of Maui Jim to the fashion forward looks of Prada and Valentino.  Ray Bans are hot hothot and some come already polarized.  We have many frames from designers you know like Michael Kors and DKNY, but also offer sunnies from Spain in our Etnia Barcelona line, as well as hand made frames from France in Bon Vivant.  We are offering a 20% discount on all sunglasses (plano and Rx) for the months of May and June: come find your summer style!