Contact Lens Examination

At Premier Vision of Dallas, we believe in creating comfortable, clear vision with contact lenses. We offer a wide variety of lenses to fit different patient needs: soft contacts including daily disposable and bifocal lenses, specialty lenses including gas permeable, hybrid lenses and scleral lenses. We treat people for Keratoconus and irregular corneas, and know how to file for medically necessary contact lenses. Dr. Allen enjoys finding the best solution for each patient: her passion is helping people see better!

Myopia Management and Ortho-K

Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) also known as Corneal Refractive Training (CRT) is the number one choice for myopia control in children and adults. Ortho-k is a process of fitting specially designed gas permeable contact lenses that the patient wears overnight. While the patient sleeps the lenses gently reshape the front surface of the eye (cornea) so the patient can see clearly without lenses during the day.
Several studies have shown that Ortho-k lenses can slow the rate of progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children. Many parents are choosing an Ortho-k treatment regime to decrease the rate of progression of childhood myopia, allowing their children to be contact lens and glasses free during the day.

Ortho-k is also a great benefit for swimmers, athletes and patients who are around dust, pollen or other eye irritants. It’s not just for children! Consider Ortho-K as an alternative to LASIK or other refractive surgeries.

You can protect your eyes from UV damage by wearing sunglasses that block 100% of UV rays. Additionally, wearing a hat with a brim can help reduce exposure to UV rays. It’s also important to avoid looking directly at the sun, which can cause permanent eye damage.

To prevent eye strain, take frequent breaks from screen time, use proper lighting when reading or working, adjust the brightness and contrast of your screen, and maintain a comfortable distance from your screen or reading material.

While there is no scientific evidence that natural remedies or exercises can improve your vision, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help prevent or slow down the progression of certain eye conditions. This includes eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and avoiding smoking.

It depends on the severity of your dry eyes. Mild cases of dry eyes can often be managed with lubricating eye drops, and wearing contact lenses may still be possible. However, if you have moderate to severe dry eyes, your eye doctor may recommend against wearing contact lenses.

Yes, contact lenses are a popular alternative to glasses. However, contact lenses require proper cleaning and care to avoid infections and other complications. It’s best to consult with an optometrist to determine if contact lenses are a good option for you.

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