When Should My Child Have an Eye Exam?

Dr. Allen sees patients 5 and older.  Many children have vision or binocular issues that can’t be detected in a school screening, and can affect learning ability.  Starting your child off in kindergarten with an eye exam will ensure their visual system is ready for school!

When can my child wear contacts?

Dr. Allen feels that if the parent determines a child is responsible enough for contacts AND the child is motivated, then it’s time for contacts.  Usually she fits younger patients in either Ortho-K lenses (to give your child freedom from daytime glasses and contacts) or daily wear contact lenses for convenience and safety.

Myopia Management and Children

Our society is becoming more nearsighted (Myopic) due to more screen and device time, and less time outside in the sun.  Therefore, more children are nearsighted than ever before.  There are ways to slow the progression of nearsightedness including eyedrops, multifocal contact lenses, and corneal retainers that change the shape of the cornea, and therefore the power of your child’s eyes.  A common myth is to under correct or not wear glasses for nearsighted children.  This, unfortunately, has been proven to increase myopia progression and make their vision worse.  Dr. Allen has been using myopia management for over 5 years, and is excited to offer options to you and your children.

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Eyesight is so important when it comes to learning.  25% of school age children have vision problems that can affect their ability to learn.  Some of these children test 20/20 but have underlying issues that force their visual system to work harder.  Bring your child in for an exam to make sure their visual system is clear and efficient.