Complete Eyewear Services

A Pair of Eyeglasses is more than just frames and lenses. They clarify your visually demanding days, and communicate a lot about you. A unique and fashionable pair of glasses allows you to look and see your best, whether face to face or facing a day of computer use.

At Premier Vision, we want you to LOVE your glasses. Dr. Allen believes in taking time with each patient to create the best prescription possible. Once your prescription is finalized, our personal style consultants can help you find a fashionable, comfortable frame that best suits your needs. We will educate you about the best lenses for your prescription and visual demands.

Premier Vision is happy to work with your insurance plans and budget to find the right look for you. We use quality frames and technologically advanced lenses to give you your best vision.

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We believe in our products and service, and offer a no questions asked warranty. If you break or scratch your glasses, come in and we will replace them for a copay of $25. Dogs and kids love glasses, and we know accidents happen. You don’t have to worry about them with Premier Vision’s warranty.

Premier Vision of Dallas offers a no questions asked

1 Year
Replacement Warranty

Bring in your broken, dog-chewed, run over by the car glasses and

we will replace them for a copay of $25*

*with some insurance plans, your frame is covered by the warranty but not the lenses

We offer a wide selection of frames from the top designers.