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A Pair of Eyeglasses is more than just frames and lenses. They clarify your visually demanding days, and communicate a lot about you. A unique and fashionable pair of glasses allows you to look and see your best, whether face to face or facing a day of computer use.

Premier Vision is happy to work with your insurance plans and budget to find the right look for you. We use quality frames and technologically advanced lenses to give you your best vision.

At Premier Vision, we want you to LOVE your glasses. Dr. Allen believes in taking time with each patient to create the best prescription possible. Once your prescription is finalized, our personal style consultants can help you find a fashionable, comfortable frame that best suits your needs. We will educate you about the best lenses for your prescription and visual demands.

At Premier Vision, we want to concentrate on eyewear brands that are handcrafted and high quality.  We want you to find something different than what is offered at big chain stores or opticals owned by venture capitalists.  Raen, Eco and Modo are all made in the US, while Etnia Barcelona is crafted in Spain.  We also believe in frame lines that tell a story and have a heart.  Eco brand lenses are made from recycled materials that make the frames super light and comfortable.  For each frame sold, the company plants a tree.  Likewise, their sister brand, Modo, has partnered with Seva Foundation, and has impacted the lives of 1.3 million low income children.  Tom’s frames, associated with Tom’s shoes, continues it’s buy one give one promise with eyewear.  The Kate Spade company gives millions annually to support women’s causes and mental health issues.

We stand behind our frames and lenses.  We have a no questions asked warranty: if your glasses scratch or break within the year, let us know and we will replace them for $25.  We know you have a variety of places to purchase eyewear and want you to feel secure in.

Everyone has a different budget, and many contact lens patients only need basic back up glasses.  We have package deals for single vision and progressive wearers.  These are priced along the lines of major and internet retailers.  This eyewear is covered by our warranty as well, so feel safe purchasing your eyewear from Premier Vision.

  • Online eyewear companies don’t have the same type of brick and mortar costs that opticals do. Our opticians are ABO certified and have years of experience making sure your eyewear fits correctly and look fantastic.  Online, you can choose frames and hope they fit.
  • The quality of online eyewear, both frames and lenses, is subpar. There are many types of anti-glare and scratch coatings.  At Premier Vision we make sure to use quality products that will last the test of time.  The frames are made in China for $1, and many can’t hold a shape once they’ve been adjusted.
  • Cheap sunglasses may allow harmful UV and violet light to enter the visual system. A higher quality brand of sunglasses will have layers of filters on their lenses ensuring the best vision possible.
  • Studies have shown that 25% of online eyewear doesn’t meet the ANSI standard for matching a prescription, leading to eyestrain and blurred vision.

There are many different areas to look at when deciding on new glasses:

  • A great pair of glasses will have balance and place the weight of the frame and lenses equally between the nose and the ears. This ensures the glasses aren’t pressing down on any one area.
  • The fit of the bridge is very important: if it fits correctly the frames will sit properly on your face and center your pupils within the center of the frame. A too loose bridge will allow the frame to droop and sit on your cheeks while a tight bridge will elevate the frame too high and limit the amount of area to look through.
  • The temples need to fit behind your ear. They should not be too long so the ends of the frame must be bent too much.  Too short and the frames will not stay on and the frame will not rest on your ears.
  • Your pupils should be in the center of the frame. If the frame is too wide your pupils will looked crossed.  Too narrow and your eyes will look like they turn out or are too far apart.

Properly fitted frames will feel comfortable all day long.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may indicate that you need glasses: difficulty seeing objects at a distance, blurry vision, double vision, headaches, eye strain, or difficulty reading. It’s best to consult with an optometrist to determine if you need glasses.

It’s recommended to have your eyes checked by an optometrist every 1-2 years, or as often as they recommend based on your individual needs and eye health.

There are several factors to consider when choosing glasses, including your face shape, skin tone, and personal style. Your optometrist or a trained eyewear specialist can help you choose the right glasses for your face shape.

You can clean your glasses with a microfiber cloth and lens cleaner or mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or paper products that can scratch the lenses.

It’s not recommended to wear old prescription glasses as your vision may have changed, and the old prescription may cause eye strain or headaches. It’s best to have your eyes checked and get a new prescription if needed.

Yes, many online retailers offer prescription glasses. However, it’s important to ensure that the website is reputable and offers a valid prescription from an optometrist. Additionally, it’s helpful to read reviews and check the return policy before making a purchase.

The lifespan of glasses depends on the quality of the frames and lenses and how well they are taken care of. On average, glasses last 2-3 years, but they may need to be replaced sooner if your prescription changes or they become damaged.

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We believe in our products and service, and offer a no questions asked warranty. If you break or scratch your glasses, come in and we will replace them for a copay of $25. Dogs and kids love glasses, and we know accidents happen. You don’t have to worry about them with Premier Vision’s warranty.

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Premier Vision of Dallas offers a no questions asked

1 Year
Replacement Warranty

Bring in your broken, dog-chewed, run over by the car glasses and

we will replace them for a copay of $25*

*with some insurance plans, your frame is covered by the warranty but not the lenses

We offer a wide selection of frames from the top designers.

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