Comprehensive Eye Exams

Premier Vision of Dallas offers eye care for everyone 5 and older. We care about your vision and eye health. In each comprehensive examination we check for eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. Dr. Allen can also perform annual eye exams near you for diabetic patients, and those taking high risk medications such as plaquenil. We are happy to see emergencies, including trauma, red eye and eye allergies, and we don’t want you to have to wait in a clinic while you are in pain. Please call our office, and we will do everything we can to see you as soon as possible.

Dr. Allen is on call after hours, and can determine over the phone whether she should see you immediately, or in the morning. She will also be able to contact the best specialists for more serious cases. We want to be here for you and all your eye care needs.

Dr. Allen recommends an annual eye exam to make sure your vision is as clear as it can be and that your eyes continue to remain healthy throughout your life.  Many serious eye diseases like glaucoma and melanoma have no symptoms and can only be assessed with an eye exam.

At Premier Vision of Dallas, we offer minimally invasive Optos and OCT retinal imaging, which enable Dr. Allen to analyze your eye health more specifically than just a dilation and exam.  The OCT in particular can detect early changes in your retina.  The earlier we can treat eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma, the less likely they are to cause permanent damage to your vision.

A new addition to Premier Vision of Dallas is Neurolens testing, which helps analyze your binocular vision.  Through special Neurolens spectacle lenses we can help treat migraines, eye strain and computer vision problems.  The neurolens system has been amazing for those with headaches.  One of our patients went from daily headaches to a headache free lifestyle just by changing the type of lenses he used in his glasses.

An eye exam is a series of non-painful tests that will evaluate your vision and eye health.  Dr. Allen will use different instruments, bright lights and lenses during the exam, then discuss your eye health and vision.  She will discuss any options for visual correction including glasses, contacts and surgery and you can decide together what works best for your lifestyle needs.  She will also talk about your eye health, any concerns and what treatments are available.

We anticipate you will be in the office between 45 minutes to an hour depending on contact lens wear and glasses needs.

Make sure you have your glasses and contacts, especially if you are new to Premier Vision of Dallas.  We also request your eye and health insurance cards and your ID.  If you wear glasses, bring some ideas of looks you might like to try on!

Dr. Allen recommends an annual eye exam if you wear contacts or glasses.  Sometimes small changes in your prescription can make your daily vision better and more comfortable.  For those who don’t wear any correction, it varies by age.  Those less than 50 should have their eye health checked every 2-3 years.  If you’re over 60 an annual exam is warranted as the likelihood of disease increases as we age.

Any time you are in eye pain please call in.  We don’t want you suffering in a minute clinic when we can get things handled in a quicker fashion.  Any time your vision suddenly changes or you have an alteration in your vision you should come in, or at least call and talk about your symptoms.  Many eye emergencies can be solved when quick action is taken!

Some common eye problems include nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration.

There are several things you can do to prevent eye problems, such as wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays, eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise, and giving your eyes a break when using digital devices.

Symptoms of an eye infection may include redness, itching, pain, discharge, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and swelling. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to see an eye doctor right away.

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