The ability to order glasses online has been around as long as the internet. The increased advertising of places like Wharby Parker and Zenni Optical has increased patient’s knowledge of online glasses, and has led to the question: What’s the Difference? Here is how Premier Vision of Dallas differs from the online retailers: to put it bluntly, you get what you pay for.


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Premier Vision offers:

  • Better Quality of Frames
  • Accurate and Precise measurements and quality control for all our glasses
  • Superior Optics of lenses
  • Exceptional coatings that are easy to clean and don’t scratch
  • Personalized Customer Service and an unmatched no questions asked warranty


The frames used by online retailers, while they may look stylish, are made in China of Italian acetate discards. The hinges and frames themselves are of inferior quality and will not last, especially with rough handling. It probably takes 50 cents to make the frames available online, and the quality reflects that. At Premier Vision of Dallas, we curate our collection from quality and designer frames made in Italy, France and the US. Most have spring hinges and offer a quality and comfort not available in cheap frames from China. It’s important to try on frames so you know they fit, are comfortable and LOOK FABULOUS! It’s hard to find your perfect frame online without being able to touch it.


A study done by the American Optometric Association showed that 25% of the glasses made through online retailers didn’t match the prescription of the patient. Also, especially with bifocal lenses, the measurement of how the frame sits on your face is very important. We even take 5 other measurements for certain kinds of progressive lenses, which you just can’t do online. A poorly measured lens will cause headaches, nausea and fatigue, especially if the prescription doesn’t match!

Superior Optics

When purchasing your glasses from Premier Vision, we can make sure you are in the most up to date, quality lens material that fits your prescription the best. We offer digital lenses in both single vision and progressives: these lenses have the best optics and offer the sharpest vision available. We can offer any type of lens or lens material: we are not constrained by corporate minds who only care about price and cost of goods sold. We always strive to do what’s best for patients and care about you and your vision.

Exceptional Coatings

I cannot count the number of times patients have come in with peeling or crazed coatings on their lenses that prevent them from seeing. They complain about scratched anti-glare coatings that attract dirt and oil and are never clean! These are the types of inexpensive coatings you get online. At Premier Vision, we offer the very best coatings that come with manufacturer’s warranties against dirt, oil and scratches. We stand behind our product and will switch out a lens if you aren’t in love with your coatings: I doubt you’ll get the same offer from the online retailers.

Personalized Customer Service and Warranty

At Premier Vision of Dallas, we care for our customers and want to provide you with the very best vision you can have. We believe in a personalized approach to choosing frames and lenses, and bring over 50 years of optical experience to our patients. Our style consultants can help you choose the perfect pair of glasses that reflect your personality and respect your budget, and they will help choose the best lenses to ensure crisp vision for you. Our warranty is unsurpassed: If you break or damage your glasses we will replace them for a $25 copay: We know kids and dogs love glasses (and destroying them!) and want you to know we stand behind our product and our quality.

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