At some point in your life you are going to have to find an eye doctor in Dallas. For some people, eye problems begin in childhood and so check-ups at an optometrist become an annual occurrence, but for most, the eyes only start to deteriorate when they reach a certain age. It’s important that you have your eyes tested regularly anyway. Here is a guide to taking care of your eyes at any age. 

How often should you have your eyes tested?

Children under the age of 16 are advised to get an annual eye test. Many eye vision problems start at school age and they could be so subtle that the person doesn’t even realize their eyes are getting worse. You may notice headaches and trouble seeing the blackboard at school. If no problems are detected, then you should have an eye test every two years to ensure your eye health is maintained. If you do have any problems with your vision, you will need a test every year. Children will usually find their eyes get worse as they get older since they are still growing.

What should you expect at an eye test?

The eye doctor or optometrist will have you sit in front of an small machine and have you rest your chin in front of a small screen. You will look at an image and it will go in and out of focus as the doctor examines your eyes. You will then move to a room where you will sit in a chair, a bit like a dentist’s chair, and have a contraption containing different lenses positioned in front of your eyes. You will have to identify several different letters, numbers and words and sometimes shapes on a screen in front of you. The doctor may also use a device to check the pressure of your eyes and shine a light into them to look for any issues. The doctor will not only be looking for problems with your vision but at the health of the eyes themselves.

How to find an eye doctor in Dallas

Optometrists are very easy to find in Dallas but make sure you find one that has all the latest testing methods, equipment and good service. It also helps to have a fast turn-around time for getting your new glasses or contact lenses.

If you want to know more about eye care in Dallas, then get in touch with us at Premier Vision of Dallas. We are an award-winning optometry practice with many years of experience. Contact us today to find out more information.

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