If you are having a check-up at your optometrist in Plano and find that you will need prescription glasses, it’s important to ensure you get frames that suit the shape of your face. This is particularly important for those who need to wear glasses all the time and do not wish to use contact lenses. Here’s how to choose the right ones.

Step one: Examine your face. You need to see what shape your face is. Faces are either round, square, oval or heart-shaped. A round face has full cheeks, a rounded chin and is equally long and wide. Square shaped faces are similar except the jaw is quite strong. An oval face looks longer and has higher cheekbones. Heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead and high cheekbones and then a smaller, narrow chin.

Step two: Find the right shape frame. Round faces require thinner, wider frames to elongate the face. Square faces suit thin frames with a round or upswept shape, such as a cat-eye. Oval faces suit bolder and thicker frames such as the classic wayfarer shape. Heart-shaped faces suit rounder, oval-shaped frames.

Step three: Choose a frame color. The color of your frames is just as important as the shape. Round faces suit dark colours like black and dark brown. Square faces should have neutral shades like tortoise-shell and brown. Oval shapes suit fun colors like red and purple and can even go for unique textures. Heart-shaped faces should go for lighter colors and details on the bottom half of the frames.

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