In this day and age it really goes without saying that regular eye care examinations should be booked with your local eye doctor in Plano. Family eye care is important as there are various diseases and conditions that can be uncovered with your annual eye check up. If you want to ensure long term good eyesight and general health for your family, it’s time to start paying a visit to your optometrist on a more regular basis.

Whether you’re seeking out treatment for a specific eye related concern or just need your annual eye check/up or examination, Premier Vision of Dallas is just the place to go. Our in-house optometrist, Dr Karen Allen, will carry out a thorough examination on your eyes which can uncover any number of eye conditions and also determine whether your eye-sight is considered good or otherwise. Here’s what our eye examination in Plano will test for:

  • Farsightedness – this is also called Hyperopia and is an eye condition that causes nearby objects to appear blurry and distant objects to appear clear.
  • Nearsightedness – this is also called Myopia and is an eye condition that causes distant objects to appear blurry and nearby objects to appear clear.
  • Long-sightedness – This is also called Presbyopia and is an eye condition that makes it difficult to focus on objects that are very close.
  • Astigmatism – this is an eye condition that causes blurred vision as a result of an irregular shaped cornea or because of the curvature of the eye’s lens.
  • Tell-tale signs of underlying diseases – this includes diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio vascular problems, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and tumors to name a few.

When paying a visit to our eye doctor in Plano, you can expect to gain access to a wealth of eye care solutions to suit your specific condition or needs. First and foremost, your eyes will be tested for eye disease and to ascertain their condition. This type of test is good for diagnosing and treating styes, pink eye, Glaucoma and dry eye. Our optometrist will provide you with eye care advice and also assist you with obtaining prescriptions for the following, if required: contact lenses, specialty contact lenses, glasses and fashionable branded sunglasses.

If you haven’t booked your family eye examinations yet, the time to do so is now. Arrange to see your eye doctor in Plano and take the first step towards better eye health today.

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It’s quick and easy to book a comprehensive eye care examination with our optometrist at Premier Vision of Dallas. If you’d like to come in and see our optician in Plano, Contact us via email or telephone today.

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