Halloween is just around the corner as the leaves change beautiful hues of orange and the fresh fall breeze permeates the air. This popular festival is a time for silly costumes, eerie décor, and, of course, delicious goodies. Nevertheless, many people are unaware that October is also Halloween Eye Health and Safety Month, a wonderful time to highlight the need to protect your vision during this festive season.


At Treehouse Eyes, we believe in preserving your child’s eyesight all year round, ensuring better vision for life. In this blog post, we’ll explore some simple yet effective ways to protect your eyes and ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween celebration.

Choose the Right Costume Accessories:

One of the most fun elements of Halloween is dressing up in unique costumes. Yet, certain costume accessories might be hazardous to your eyes. While choosing masks, headgear, and other accessories, use caution. Check that they fit comfortably and do not block your view. Be sure to try and use outfits with transparent, non-toxic face paint or cosmetics.

Beware of Decorative Contact Lenses:

Colored or decorative contact lenses are a popular choice for enhancing Halloween costumes, but they can be dangerous if not worn properly. Only a qualified eye care provider with a valid prescription should be able to get these lenses. To avoid eye infections, never exchange contact lenses with others and adhere to the prescribed cleaning and wearing schedule.

Mind the Makeup:

Makeup is an important aspect of many Halloween outfits, but be cautious when applying it around your eyes. Use hypoallergenic makeup and avoid applying makeup inside the lash line or straight onto the eyeball for cosmetics safety. To avoid eye discomfort and infection, always remove your makeup before going to bed.

Talk to your Eye Doctor:

Do you have any questions about what not to wear on Halloween? Are you looking for fun contacts to tske your costume over the top? Trust your eye doctor to answer any questions you have.

Let Treehouse Eyes Help Your Child Manage Myopia


Treehouse Eyes’ doctors use modern equipment to develop personalized treatment plans for your child. Our treatment plans include special prescription eye drops and customized daytime and overnight contact lenses. Treehouse Eyes doctors determine which treatment plan works the best for your child at your initial consultation. Schedule a consultation now to find out more.