Nearsightedness is increasing globally, with up to 90% of Asian populations affected. Reducing screen time and increasing outdoor activities can help prevent and manage myopia progression. Specialized contact lenses and eye drops can also slow the worsening of nearsightedness.


Premier Vision of Dallas offers advanced eye examination equipment, including an autorefractor, topographer, OCT machine, and retinal imaging device, providing thorough exams for contact lenses and glasses.
Patients receive detailed explanations of each step during the exam.

Sunglasses should consider quality, fashion, and convenience, with polarized lenses, UV protection, and a variety of styles. When choosing sunglasses, consider quality, fashion, and convenience for optimal clarity, style, and protection.

This video provides a comprehensive guide on proper contact lens care, covering different lens types and their respective cleaning and storage methods. Various types of contact lenses require specific cleaning routines for optimal eye health.

The video provides tips on proper glasses care, including cleaning with the provided cloth, using a hard case, and avoiding damaging actions like using chemicals or placing them on your head.