We are on our computer, phones and tablets more and more every day. What kind of effect does this have on our eyes and our eye health? Most computers and tablets, as well as phones and overhead lights use very high energy blue lights to make the display crisp and clean. The problem with these blue “cool” lights are that the blue light has a very high energy wavelength.

electro mag spectrum

The higher the frequency or energy of a wavelength, the more damage it can do. Think about radioactivity (the highest energy wavelengths) or UV light. Anyone who has had a sunburn knows how much damage UV light can do. What about blue light? It sits right next to UV light in the spectrum, so blue light is very high energy, and passes through the eye to the retina.   This high energy blue light is absorbed by the cells in the macula (where we have our very best vision). What happens after years of constant blue light exposure from LEDs, Computers, tablets, and smart phones? This light can damage your eye health and can ultimately lead to macular degeneration and blindness. What can you do to help keep your vision clear and healthy?

  • Get and anti-reflective coating on your glasses lenses that blocks the high energy blue light
  • Use a pair of computer glasses that block the blue light: either a tinted pair, a pair of “Blue Tech” lenses or the blue blocking anti-glare coat. Use these computer glasses even if you have contact lenses.
  • Take vitamins to support your eye health, especially anyone over 50. I recommend Nordic Naturals Pro DHA Eye with Lutein and Zeaxanthin: We do stock this in our office. The Lutein and Zeaxanthin are anti-oxidants that create a layer over your macula to protect it against high energy light.

pro dha eye

Anti-relective (anti-glare) Coatings for blue light:

  • Block the high energy blue light to protect the macula from too much computer and device use
  • Provide a 2 year warranty against scratches
  • Help comfort with driving at night and around fluorescent lights

Blue-Tech Lenses:

  • Block all blue light, so do change color perception
  • Help people sleep better at night due to increased production of melatonin
  • Work best for gamers or those on the computer late

Lutein and Zeaxanthin:

  • Produce a thin protective layer of pigment over the macula to help protect it
  • Highly recommended for patients over 50, especially those with a family history of macular degeneration

Who needs protection most? Children.

Children of the current generation will be using computers, tablets and phones for their entire life. They need protection more than adults and the elderly. I have both nephews in computer glasses that protect against high energy blue light.eye protection for children

Anyone who uses computers and devices during the day should have some. Contact us about getting protective lenses for you or your loved ones today!