I am the founder of Die Empty Dallas and our mission is to encourage people to live a FULL LIFE. Living a full life means to contribute to society in a positive and intentional manner so that we take nothing to the grave when we leave. We create awareness of issues here in Dallas and encourage business owners to give back on a REGULAR basis. We also petition the public to collectively come together and aid our struggling neighborhoods. At this time, we are an all privately funded community non-profit entity and rely heavily on supporters like you.


Our most recent project was a South Dallas Community Outreach event.  We were able to feed over 250 people, host a car wash to help fund the next event and teach our children the importance of taking time out to invest in the well-fare of another human-being.



Being able to give back to neglected neighborhoods and the people that live there means a lot to me. In the words of a man who lives on the streets “Seeing people like Die Empty Dallas coming down here gives me hope for our city again, that we matter and that people have not forgotten about us.”


Our deepest thanks to all of our sponsors including Premier Vision Of Dallas for making sure this event was a complete success. Let’s all strive to live a full life and rob the grave together.

Die Empty Dallas,

Amber Jackson

Founder, Die Empty Dallas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (and outstanding optician at Premier Vision of Dallas)