Many patient wonder why they have to come in every year for optometrists to evaluate their contacts.  “Doc, I wear the same brand every year: why can’t you just extend my prescription for another year or two?”  Really, they are asking what BENEFIT they are deriving from an annual exam.

During a contact lens evaluation, I make sure to look at several things:

  • Has your Rx changed? Do we need to change your power to ensure the very best and most efficient vision possible?
  • How do your corneas look? Have the contact lenses affected them in an adverse way?  Can you continue to use the same lenses without harming your eye health?
  • How does the contact lens fit? Could it be a more comfortable fit?  Many lenses come in 2 different sizes: are you in the right one?
  • What new technology could make your contact lens wear more enjoyable or healthy? Many people can use a contact all day but can’t wait to take them out. Are there other options more comfortable?
  • Are you using your contacts in a way that is unhealthy? Is there another lens that might make your habits, like sleeping in your lenses less likely to cause problems?

I am most concerned with making sure your eye health continues to be great.   I once had a patient come in after three years.  He had continually worn his trial pair of contacts for THREE YEARS without taking them out.  Needless to say, his eye health was severely compromised:  his best corrected vision was 20/70 and not expected to get any better, even after no contact lens wear. He had permanently damaged his eyes, which could have been prevented with an annual exam and education.

We want to avoid your eyes looking like this:                                                                  We want to keep them like this:

clare-314                                                                  lasik eye surgery

There are always new technologies every year, and I enjoy talking one on one with patients to see if there is another lens available that might enhance the quality of their vision and life.  Sometimes we stay in the same lens after trying the new one, sometimes the new one is awesome and worth the switch.

Remember, Halloween is coming closer.  If you are interested in trying colored lenses to enhance your costume, don’t buy them at the swap meet: come in and make sure they fit and are going to be healthy and comfortable.  Many colored lenses on the market are made overseas and not to FDA standards.  We have many available here at PVD that are reliable and from trustworthy sources.

dreamstime_m_35722733                      dreamstime_m_48744646


When it comes to contact lens wear, annual exams ARE important for continuing health and great vision. Go online and book your appointment today at