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Need to see the contact lens doctor? Book an appointment with Dr Allen at Premier Vision of Dallas today! During a contact lens fitting, Dr. Allen will evaluate your vision, the fit of the contact, and the comfort of the lens, ensuring comfortable, clear vision throughout the day.

At Premier Vision, we specialize in difficult to fit contact lenses too. If you have irregular corneas from LASIK, RK or corneal transplant, we have a variety of lenses that might work for you. Hybrid contact lenses made by Synergeyes (Duette lenses, Synergeyes lenses) give the comfort of a soft lens with the surperior vision of gas permeable lenses. Scleral lenses and large rigid gas permeable lenses provide excellent vision for even the toughest irregular corneas.

At Premier Vision of Dallas, we offer:

We also specialize in difficult fits for keratoconus, irregular corneas and post-surgical problems – talk to us about our specialty contact lenses.

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Dr Allen makes use of the most advanced contact lens fitting techniques to make sure you get the most out of your new set of lenses.

Comprehensive eye care should become part of your regular health care regime. If you would like to book a contact lens fitting or learn more about our range of traditional disposable and specialty contact lenses, contact us at Premier Vision of Dallas today.

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